Theology Notes 2-29-08

Theology Notes 2-29-08 - Friday Origenism 5th Ecumenical...

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Friday, February 29, 2008 Origenism 5 th Ecumenical Council (553, Constantinople) Ecumenical Patriarch Monothelitism/6 th Council Council of Trullo The Problem of Origen Alexandrian Preacher (185-232) r most sophisticated thinker of the period r very acquainted with Platonism, and tries to explain Christianity in Platonist terms 5 th and 6 th century heretical movements develop his controversial positions r restoration of all things r subordination of the Son and the Spirit sounded too much like Aryanism and other heresies of the time makes famous the idea of reading the bible allegorically wrote lengthy and insightful interpretations of much of the New and Old Testaments, few of which survived he himself had some extreme positions on some issues that the church rejected did not have a huge amount of authority, but had a huge amount of influence castrated himself – interpreted Matthew 19 literally dies early third century 200 years later, Origen’s extreme ideas are resurfacing It is unclear to this day if his ideas are resurfacing because the fringe groups of Xtianity are being influenced by Origen and are incorporating his interpretations into their beliefs Or…are people just relating them to Origen, but they actually are not influenced by him and have their own interpretations
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Theology Notes 2-29-08 - Friday Origenism 5th Ecumenical...

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