4 - 3 A B C D 12 A B C D 13 A B C D 17 Verbal and nonverbal...

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3. Verbal and nonverbal expressions of anger can: A) become habitual if they successfully reduce anger. B) increase immediate feelings of anger. C) calm emotions and reduce anger. D) do any of the above. 12. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of REM sleep? A) Voluntary muscles tense and become more active. B) Heart and breathing rates increase. C) The eyes move rapidly under closed lids. D) Brain waves become more rapid. 13. Research indicates that alcohol: A) disrupts the processing of recent experiences into long-term memories. B) impairs recall of existing long-term memories. C) impairs short-term recall of what has just been said. D) does all the above. 17. As a member of the diplomatic corps, Jonas was given special training in the customs, language, and religions of the Third World country to which he was going. However, Jonas probably needed little training to correctly interpret his hosts' expressions of emotion as revealed by their: A) dancing. B) body postures. C) facial expressions. D) hand gestures. E) tones of voice. 19. Research studies suggest that workplace discrimination against those who are overweight is ________ common than gender discrimination and ________ common than race discrimination. A) more; more B) less; less C) less; more D) more; less Page 1
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24. At the Pamuk Manufacturing Company, employees are under constant surveillance by supervisors in order to ensure that every worker contributes his or her fair share to company productivity. This is most likely to ________ the employees' ________. A) increase; self-esteem B) decrease; intrinsic motivation C) decrease; productivity D) increase; achievement motivation 26. The act of yawning ________ your heart rate and ________ your alertness. A) increases; increases B) decreases; decreases C) decreases; increases D) increases; decreases 27. Prisoners of war placed on a semistarvation diet in which their food intake is cut in half are likely to: A) show an increased interest in sex and politics. B) spend a great deal of time daydreaming about food. C) lose half their original body weight. D) do all the above. 30. The incidence of male homosexuality has been found to be slightly higher than usual among: A) professional athletes. B) residents of small villages. C) men who have older brothers. D) physicians. 35. Emma and Nanette are sisters and both are lesbians. According to the research on the origins of sexual orientation, it is highly likely that: A) they were sexually abused in childhood by a close female relative. B)
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4 - 3 A B C D 12 A B C D 13 A B C D 17 Verbal and nonverbal...

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