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Byzantine Christianity 2-15-08

Byzantine Christianity 2-15-08 - Friday THE AGE OF...

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Friday, February 15, 2008 THE AGE OF JUSTINIAN Justinian is the most important of the Byzantine emperors He left behind many monuments and is responsible for many great accomplishments Justinian’s rule produced much art and architecture, coins (including the first coin showing an emperor holding a cross) We are speaking of history, rather than theology Justinian’s rise to power Born as a peasant in Latin province of Roman empire in 482 (modern-day Albania) r had connections through his family nephew of Emperor Justin I (518-527) Succeeds Justin I in 527 Dies in 565 after ruling for 38 years Marries Theodora r a commoner r an actress – actresses in byzantine times were glorified prostitutes/strippers r a Monophysite sympathizer Justinian’s Political Success Peaceful succession to power Corpus juris civilis begun in 534 (Justinian Codex, Digest, Institutions, Novellae) Stability of a long reign Justinian’s Armies – he is well-known for his military and recuperation of his lands form Germanic tribes
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