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Byzantine Christiantiy 3-7-08

Byzantine Christiantiy 3-7-08 - Friday March 7 2008 Tuesday...

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Friday, March 7, 2008 Tuesday – Next Debate and Paper #2 Midterm 2 Part Identification (can take one of several forms) quotations from the readings term or person or historical event which prof. will expet us to provide the significance of in no more than 30 words (1, no more than 2 sentences) o what is important about this person, term, event, etc. o DO NOT WRITE MORE THAN 30 WORDS!!! o Complete Sentences!!! Place the following 4 things in the proper chronological order Map question o Cappadocia o Constantinople o Rome o any places we have mentioned Essay Choice of questions point to authors and texts will be on a bigger topic, something we spent a class day talking about LECTURE Orthodox Churches 101 3 common types of church architecture r Basilica r Cross in Square r Hybrid Byzantines appropriated already existing architectural models from where they lived and used them in their own architecture They got rid of the basilica
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  • Spring '08
  • Christian terms, Liturgical year, Easter, altar area narthex, unbelievably elaborate calendar, chronological order Map

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