Byzantine 4-1-08 - on the Mystogogy by Photios

Byzantine 4-1-08 - on the Mystogogy by Photios - Trinity...

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Photios had books in his library that were not known to exist anywhere else. When he is writing the Mystagogy, he is in exile, and has absolutely no access to his library or other texts. Arguments against the filioque: 1. Not Biblical 2. Compromises the dignity of the Father 3. Problem of two sources 4. Possible polytheism 5. No support from Ecumenical Councils 6. If an attribute belongs to one of the members of the Trinity, it is at the level of hypostasis; if it belongs to more than one, it belongs to the ousia, and therefore to all three 7. If an attribute is possessed by more than one hypostasis, it must by definition belong to all three, because by definition it must 8. Either subordinating the spirit to the son, or saying that the spirit is engaged in the begottenness of the son, Difference between imminent Trinity and economic
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Unformatted text preview: Trinity Next class: two sections on the crusades Rise of Militant Islam and circumstances under which Byz. actually invited original crusaders, having absolutely no idea what they were getting into Account of Pope Urban II very first sermon calling for soldiers to go on crusade-look at the types of things he is concerned with and types of things he is promising them Ana___ - daughter of Byzantine emperor who asks the pope for soldiers-she doesnt want to recognize that her father had anything to do with the crusades-what she and her father expect from the crusades-what the pope and soldiers expect, and how that differs from her impression and her fathers-she is pampered, sophisticated, and very smart o her own culture and identity are such that she considers all crusaders barbarians...
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