CH 221 Syllabus 2008

CH 221 Syllabus 2008 - Chemistry 221 Organic I College of...

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Chemistry 221 College of the Holy Cross Dr. Gail Edwards Organic I Course Syllabus Spring 2008 Course Objective : This course is the first part of a two semester course the objective of which is to provide the student with basic knowledge of the structure, properties, nomenclature, reactions and synthesis of organic molecules necessary for the study of biochemistry, medicine and advanced courses in organic chemistry. A second and equally important objective of the course is to help the student develop the critical thinking skills and the problem solving ability required of those who pursue a scientific discipline. The classes of organic compounds covered in the first semester include alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, dienes and alkyl halides. Related topics such as stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, structure identification and spectroscopy will also be covered. Some topics will be introduced in the laboratory and then expanded upon during the lectures. Required Texts : 1. Organic Chemistry , by L. G. Wade, 6th edition, Prentice Hall, 2006. 2. Organic Chemistry I Lab Manual by Holy Cross Chemistry Department Topic Sequence : Chapter in Text Introduction and Review 1 Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules
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CH 221 Syllabus 2008 - Chemistry 221 Organic I College of...

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