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Unformatted text preview: rd in the NMR sample? a. CHCl3 b. D2O c. (CH3)3Si d. H2O e. All of the above Type. Answer C should be (CH3)4Si…which is TMS or tetramethylsilane. I corrected this in class during the exam. Match the following structures to their 1H NMR spectra: O H O CH3 H O A O O H B O C D E 26. s(2H), multiplet (4H) Answer =B The signal at 10.5 is worth 2 protons….and it is in the aldehyde region. The only compound that has 2 aldehyde protons is answer B. There is only one signal because of a plane of symmetry. Both aldehydes are the same in terms of spin. 27. multiplet (5H), s(3H) Answer: E This spectra has a singlet that is worth 3 protons…which means a methyl group that has no adjacent hydrogens. The only compound that has this is answer E. 28. s(1H), q(1H),q(2H),d(3H),t(3H) =C This is in the aldehyde section…so hopefully you figured out that it has an aldehyde and the other aldehyde should have been ruled out above. 29. q(2H), t(3H) Answer: A This is A by virtue of the splitting patterns. 2 hydro...
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