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Unformatted text preview: . 7. Answer = D This has to be D because the C=O stretch is too high to be a regular ketone(compound E) or an ester (compound C) and also lacks a strong C‐O stretch at 1250. This is D and not E because D has RING STRAIN which increases the bond order and the frequency of the C=O peak. 8. Answer = E 9. Answer = A This compound has sp2 C‐H stretching…so only compound it could be is A 10. 11. Answer = B Answer = C This is answer C because of the strong C‐O stretch at 1250. This should be the determining factor between either D or E. 12. How did sealing the melting point tube help prevent sublimation before melting of caffeine in experiment 4? a. Sealing the tube means the caffeine has nowhere to go and thus stays until it melts b. The sealing of the tube is common practice in all melting point determinations c. The sealing of the tube lowered the pressure inside, allowing smooth transition from the solid phase to the liquid phase d. The sealing of the tube increased the pressur...
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