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Polarity c refractiveindex d molecularweight e

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Unformatted text preview: gens see 3 (quartet) and 3 hydrogens see 2 (triplet). There are only 2 signals because the molecule has a plane of symmetry. 30. t(4H), quintet(4H) Answer: D This must be D because it is the only spectra to which the splitting patterns and integration match. 2 hydrogens see 2 (triplet) and 2 hydrogens see 4 (quintet). Because of symmetry, the integrations are really double. 31. In 13C NMR, splitting patterns and integrations are not accurate. Why? a. Because 13C nuclei don’t interfere with each other like 1H nuclei b. Actually, they are accurate. This statement is false. c. Because the area of the peak does not correspond to the number of carbons d. The abundance of 13C is too small e. None of the above 32. As a general rule, if a...
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