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Unformatted text preview: e inside, because at higher pressure the caffeine can melt instead of sublime e. None of the above 13. What effect would occur with an OH stretch in the IR: a. At high concentration, a broad stretch for primary and secondary alcohols b. At low concentration, a sharp peak for phenols c. At high concentration, a sharp peak for phenols d. A and B e. A, B and C A phenol doesn’t have the ability to hydrogen bond very well, so no matter the concentration it shows up as a sharp peak. Primary and secondary alcohols always exhibit broad stretching at high concentration and can sharpen as concentration is decreased. 14. How could the following molecules be distinguished from each other in the IR? I II Compound I has sp3 hybridized C‐H stretching and II does not Compound I would show peaks from 3000‐3100 cm‐1 and II from 2900‐3000 cm‐1 Absence of sp3 C‐H stretching in compound II but present in compound I Compound I displays a sp C‐H peak at 3300 cm‐1 The molecules cannot be distinguished since they bear the same functional groups 15. Whi...
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