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Thesmallpeakismostlikelydueto a

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Unformatted text preview: ectral region d. The fingerprint region e. None of the above 4. An IR was taken of a compound that displayed a strong peak at 1700 cm‐1 and a small peak at 3400 cm‐1. The small peak is most likely due to a. The presence of an OH stretch from a primary alcohol b. The presence of an NH stretch from an amino group c. The presence of an overtone d. The presence of a carbonyl stretch and an sp2 hybridized C‐H stretch 5. The position of a carbonyl stretch is proportional to the a. Type of functional group b. The bond order c. The bond length d. The bond strength e. None of the above 6. What can be said about Energy and IR? a. Energy is proportional to wavenumber b. Energy is proportional to wavelength c. Energy increases from left to right on the IR spectrum d. The intensity of the peaks is directly related to the energy e. None of the above For the following questions, match the compound below to the IR spectra (the letter of the compound will be the answer for that questions’ spectra...
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