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A theprogressofareaction b

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Unformatted text preview: e used was 4:1 hexanes:ethyl acetate. Suggest a solvent system that would increase the separation of the spots. Assume the same about the nature of each lane as in the previous question. a. b. c. d. e. 1 a. 100 % hexanes b. 2:1 hexanes: ethyl acetate c. 6:1 hexanes: ethyl acetate d. 10:1 hexanes: ethyl acetate e. No matter how you change the solvent, the resolution will remain the same This question requires you to recognize which solvent system is MORE polar. If you made the mobile phase less polar…the separation would DECREASE even more. If you increase the polarity of the solvent…then the spots have more time to travel and more theoretical plates. Answer B is the only solvent system that is more polar. 2:1 hexanes/ethyl acetate is less hexanes and more ethyl acetate than 4:1 hexanes/ethyl acetate. 19. What information can TLC not tell us? a. The progress of a reaction b. Whether a compound is identical or not c. The approximate number of compounds in a crude mixture d. The polarity of molecules relative to one another e. None of the above Compounds of simila...
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