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CH 221 Review Sheet Half Exam 2006 - • Calculate the heat...

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Chemistry 221 College of the Holy Cross Prof. Edwards Organic I Review Sheet for the Half Exam Feb. 24, 2008 The half exam will be given on Tuesday, March 11 th and will cover the following topics. Chapter 4: Free Radicals Be able to: Write resonance structures of radicals. Classify radicals and rate them according to stability. Predict chlorination products. Given the reactivities of various hydrogens toward chlorination, be able to calculate product ratios. Predict the major product in bromination. Write mechanisms for free radical reactions that you may not have seen before.
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Unformatted text preview: • Calculate the heat of reaction from bond dissociation energies. From the results be able to predict the favorability of the reaction. • Understand the Hammond Postulate. Be prepared for objective type questions. You will not be asked to explain it. Energy diagrams Be able to: • Interpret energy diagrams. • Draw energy diagrams from information about the reaction. Lab #3 : Free Radical Reactions • Understand what you did (including calculations) and be able to apply it to other systems...
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