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William Maio November 18, 2007 Science Technology and Society Brandon Alternative and Complementary Treatments Other than safety and efficacy, when evaluating an alternative therapy, the cost, case of use, and the ease of use becomes important. When someone is going through intensive treatment for cancer sometimes there is not enough resource or time for alternative treatment. However, as a psychological stand-point, if a patient is able to do other activities such as yoga, meditation, or drawing then that should keep the patient away from thinking about cancer which will reduce the stress of the patient. Since stress and immune system is highly correlated, getting out of bed and participating activities like a healthy person helps the treatment. Although, alternative and complementary treatments are not scientifically proven, but scientist have consensus of the fact that, by supplementing treatment such as taking supplements and herb could improve the immune system. The problem with coming with a scientific evidence of the effectiveness of alternative
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Unformatted text preview: and complementary treatment is the fact that they are not the main treatment and there are too many condition that scientist can control to make a valid experiment. If I were to have cancer, I would use alternative therapy if I was 60 or 70 years old. While it is important to treat cancer in my body, I would not want to stay in hospital bed all day to be treated so I can live 10 or 20 more years in pain. If the complementary treatment is risky and does not seem to be effective than there are not really any point to repeat of what have been tested. If a new type of treatment was available and I was retired than I would contribute my body to advancement in medicine. While treatment is important, and there is possibility of caring it, but patients would consider other important business with their limited about of time on earth such as writing their thoughts or talk to people....
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