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Unformatted text preview: William Maio November 12, 2007 Science Technology and Society From Food or Oil to Food or Mobile While California and Federal Government have express interest in hydrogen fueling, but the efficiency, infrastructure reorganization, engine system replacement, would make hydrogen fuel car a very expensive plan. Minnesota has used mandate the gas used in the state to have additive of biodiesel. In the future, Minnesota plans to expand its plan to completely replace oil with ethanol fuel. Other states would not do the same because they don’t have framers to supply the ethanol and there are not enough incentives to push the policy since the plan is more expensive than using oil. As the use of biodiesel increases, the demand of food increases as well and hence the rising food price. Although, biodiesel is a renewable source, but the consumption of grains, wheat and corn is impacting the food economy in the world. The rise in price of food such as grains and wheat ultimately affect the whole food economy entirely since framer feed live stocks...
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