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5 acevaeon of both gpcrs and rtks can evoke both slow

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Unformatted text preview: MAP kinase pathway, mediated by the monomeric GTPase Ras, and inositol phospholipid regulatory pathways, mediated by either phospholipase C or PI ­3 kinase. 5.  AcEvaEon of both GPCRs and RTKs can evoke both slow and fast cellular responses. Mid ­term course evaluaEons ­ you should be geVng an e ­mail before you leave for Spring Break. Let us know how the course is going. Next prelim is Wednesday March 28. It will include the two lectures on signaling this week. 1 3/13/12 Three types of surface receptors: Ion ­channel ­coupled receptors G ­protein ­coupled receptors Enzyme ­coupled receptors Found in Nerve and Muscle cells Rapid (mSec) responses Receptors are ion specific Leads to rapid change in membrane potenEal If ion is calcium, can cause diverse cellular changes Figure 16-15a Essential Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010) 2 3/13/12 Receptors are always seven pass transmembrane proteins. (three...
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