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7 31312 three types of surface receptors

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Unformatted text preview: expression. Note that the response will depend upon which transcripEonal regulators are present in the cell. How are GPRC receptors inacEvated? Phosphorylated receptors are endocytosed and sent to the lysosome. Adapted from Figure 16 ­17in ECB 6 3/13/12 Other G ­protein coupled receptors acEvate an enzyme that leads to the producEon of Ca2+ You don’t need to learn this pathway (bobom of p551 ­top of p555), but it’s cool! 7 3/13/12 Three types of surface receptors: Ion ­channel ­coupled receptors G ­protein coupled receptors Enzyme ­coupled receptors √# √# Figure 16-15c Essential Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010) 8 3/13/12 Major families of enzyme ­coupled receptors Ligand/receptor Cytokines/cytokine receptors (Don’t memorize this table) Enzyme or effector Tyrosine kinase TGF ­β/TGF ­β receptors Serine threonine kinase Wnt/frizzled...
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