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Pepede hormones ferelizaeon and many other roles

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Unformatted text preview: subunit or trimeric G ­ protein) • Most numerous class of receptors (>700 in humans ) • Most studied (240K hits in Pub Med) Receptor acEvity: promotes guanine nucleoEde exchange • Most cells have G ­protein coupled receptors • Involved in sight and smell; common receptor for neurotransmibers. • pepEde hormones, ferElizaEon and many other roles. Figure 16-15b Essential Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010) • Frequent target of drugs –about 50% of drugs target G ­protein coupled signaling G ­Proteins frequently signal via the second messengers cAMP and Ca2+ 3 3/13/12 (Adenylyl cyclase) ATP e iest hod osp P ph cAMP rase cAM AMP (modified) 4 3/13/12 The producEon of cAMP is rapid and dramaEc – more than 20 fold in 20 seconds. G ­protein signaling through cAMP in muscle cells triggers increased producEon of glucose from glycogen. (We discussed this same pathway on Monday.) 5 3/13/12 The same signaling system can influence gene...
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