10 32512 development is driven by cell behaviors cell

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Unformatted text preview: movie of amphibian gastrulaAon External view of amphibian gastrulaAon 8 3/25/12 GastrulaAon creates three germ layers Ectoderm Mesoderm Soma endoderm Germ cells Germ line Neurula3on (only happens in vertebrates) 9 3/25/12 Organogenesis: generaAon of organs Internal organs (kidney, lung, liver etc.) Limbs (fins, arms, legs) Sensory organs (eyes, ears) Major events of embryonic development What mechanisms drive these events? 10 3/25/12 Development is driven by cell behaviors Cell growth Cell shape changes Development is driven by cell behaviors Fer3liza3on Cleavage cell specializaAon, cell movement, cell interacAon proliferaAon Gastrula3on Neurula3on cell growth cell shape change Organogenesis 11 3/25/12 Central quesAons in Developmental Biology: 1. What makes cells different? Clicker quesAon coming up. What makes cells different? Differen3al Gene Expression: All cells have the same DNA but different genes are expressed to give cells their unique character. “Gene Expression” is the series of events leading to producAon of the final product of a gene. (transcripAon, RNA processing, translaAon, modificaAon, processing.) 12 3/25/12 Central quesAons in Developmental Biology: 1.  Wh...
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