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Lecture 11: Excretion You should know Claude Bernard and Ernest Starling. You do not need to know any chemical structures. Questions you should be able to answer after today’s lecture. 1. What is the internal milieu? What stays constant in it and what organs help to maintain that constancy? a. Internal equilibrium of the cells within the body. b. The lungs keep oxygen/carbon dioxide constant while the kidneys keeps water, acid, and na constatnt. 2. Describe the path of a red blood cell through the kidney. a. Blood enters the kidney through arterioles that branch off form the renal artery which branches form the aorta. The blood returns to the body through renal venules htat lead to renal veins that lead to vena cava. b. The renal arteriole elaborates into a net like structure known as the glomerulus. c. The blood in the glomerulus is under pressure the pressure forces some of the fluid and solutes out og the blood and into a tubule whose opening surrounds tha glomerulus known as the bowmans capsul. d.
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Preview Questions (lecture 11) - Lecture 11: Excretion You...

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