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Live Green or die - William Maio November 1 2007 Science...

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William Maio November 1, 2007 Science Technology and Society Brandon Live Green or die Even though the world’s coal reserve is the most abundant right now, but not only burning coal would emit smog and carbon dioxide, also digging coal causes land erosion and pollute and destruct the surrounding site. Hopefully, the world would realize the need to switch to renewable energy to sustain the balance of nature. Instead of depending on a living model that we cannot sustain ten our twenty years from now, as a society we should think about the future, and build up a model of sustainable living before being forced into it. If the price of gasoline rises to $10-$15 per gallon, I would quickly switch to electrical car, so no gasoline is consumed even if that means buying a more expensive car. On the news, when the price of gasoline increased one dollar, it shocked a lot of people in the United States already because we are so used to cheap gasoline prices. In general most of the resources that human abuse or use up too quickly are in danger
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