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EV or hydrogen - Biofuel or biomass could be a possible...

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William Maio November 7, 2007 Science Technology and Society Brandon Hydrogen VS. Electricity A hydrogen-based system, not only the storage is dangerous if there is an accident, but also the hydrogen-based system is less efficient when compared to direct electricity system. The infrastructure for hydrogen powered car would take up a lot capital. However, the costs of the batteries for electric vehicles are too expensive to be commercialized. The problems with electrical vehicles are the distance that it could be driven and the storage batteries that make the car heavier. After the life cycle of the battery powered cars, the battery could be a big toxic waste problem. Another issue with electrical vehicles is the electricity source that is it powering from. If the electricity produced for EVs is not renewable than it is better to just use fossil fuel. As of now, companies such as Chevrolet are looking at hybrid cars that would allow the consumer to use electricity for most of their mileage and fossil fuel for the alternative support.
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Unformatted text preview: Biofuel or biomass could be a possible solution, but the land needed to generate those renewable energy causes problem for land use. Also, as a result of increase of demand in agricultural goods, the price of food would increase as well. For electric vehicles, the technology for the battery needs to be improved so less weight, more capacity and faster charge could be implemented for consumer use. The biggest concerns are whether EVs could be used for cargo trucks. Since US depends heavily on car for transferring goods, if fuels run out for trucks, US would run into the lack of resources. Perhaps, land use in the US and goods transferring overseas need to be reexamined. I wonder if the scenario lay out by hess will happen of which E-waste will be dump to developing country such as Africa. In that case, EVs does not help out globally. http://www.chevrolet.com/electriccar/...
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