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William Maio August 29, 2007 STSS Science Technology and Society. Topic: Big Brother, Little Big Brother, Baby Brother. I believe the incentive is the most important thing even though it does not justify everything. As a government, to protect the citizens of the country, I believe citizens should sacrifice their privacy a little to ensure the safety of the general public. Our government officials after 9/11 pass the patriot act to gain access to US citizens’ information, so they could “prevent” any terrorist attacks such as 9/11 from happening again. The increase in the information access ranges from phone conversation, internet e-mail to business conducted. The government made too many mistakes despite the fact that they had information on many events such as Iraq, 9/11, and Katarina have lost my trust. The government officials’ incentives have drifted from serving the citizens to protecting themselves from opposition and one tool they have is to gain information from the oppositions. Google and stores should keep records as a business, but should not keep individual
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