Alkanes and Alkenes

Alkanes and Alkenes - Michael Chelala TA: Jaylene...

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Michael Chelala TA: Jaylene Ollivierre Date of Experiment: 10/15/2007 Submission Date: 10/22/2007 Alkanes and Alkenes
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The objective of this experiment is to distinguish between alkane and alkene compounds using the oxidizing reagents bromine, sulfuric acid, and potassium permanganate Reaction Equations: None Procedure: Non-aqueous bromine: Step 1: Treat 0.5mL samples of ligroine and cyclohexene with 2-3 drops of a 3% solution of bromine in dichloromethane. Step 2: If decolorization occurs, exhale across the mouth of the test tube. If a faint cloudy moisture vapor appears, hydrogen bromide is present. Bromine and water: Step 1: Measure 0.5mL of 3% bromine in water into three separate reaction tubes. Step 2: Add 0.3mL portions of ligroine to two of the reaction tubes and 0.3mL of cyclohexene to the third tube. Step 3: Mix each tube and record the initial results. Step 4: Put one of the ligroine-containing tubes in the dark and expose the other to bright light. Step 5: When a change is noticed, compare the appearances and record them.
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Alkanes and Alkenes - Michael Chelala TA: Jaylene...

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