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INNOCENT NKHONDOYACHEPA. UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE. (Professor: Dr. Robert Green) SOC 1502, UNIT 8 LEARNING JOURNAL, T5. Discussing the reading assignment of Gustav Le Bon in light of this week’s reading material. According to Wikipedia, Charles-Marie Gustav Le Bon was a famous French polymath, who was interested in areas like anthropology, medicine, sociology, invention and physics. He was born on 7thMay 1841 (n.d.). He wrote many books and one of his famous one is entitled “The crowd: A study of the popular mind,” which I am going to discuss in this paper. In this book, Le Bon, from a psychological perspective, analyzed what constitutes a crowd (Le Bon, 1926). He asserted that a numeric strong agglomeration of individuals, is not enough to form a crowd. Besides, Le Bon confirmed that in order to form a group, certain characteristic should be met like the disappearance of the brain activity, the lowering of the intelligence and the complete transformation of
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