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Falling From Grace Essay

Falling From Grace Essay - Michael Chelala Peoples and...

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Michael Chelala Peoples and Cultures SOA U101 Professor Toth Falling from Grace Essay In American society there are three main socioeconomic classes, the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class. These three classes all share a common view of self betterment and a have a shared drive for success, but there are several factors that differentiate these three groups of people. These factors sometimes are the reason they have reached the class they are in, or sometimes are a result of being a member of said class. These factors also lead to different attitudes and responses these individuals have once they are stripped of the job title they have attained. In the book Falling From Grace , Katherine S. Newman tries to categorize the different responses that the three social classes display once they are laid off from their jobs. She also strives to explain the reasons for these responses by using the factors that differentiate these individuals. One factor which differentiates the individuals in each of the three classes is educational background. In Falling From Grace , Newman uses executives and managers as her upper class. These individuals have an extensive education background. Some have even attained a master’s degree in their respective fields. These people have very high confidence in job security due to the educational programs they have completed. When these individuals receive notification of termination, they are shocked. They find it hard to believe that they were not good enough to continue working at their place of employment. Although this might be the case, they are also
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comforted by the fact that they have the educational background to easily find a new job. Because of this they tend to move on with few problems arising. The important characteristic is that these individuals place the blame, not on the company, but on themselves. Even if the company is doing widespread layoffs, these individuals will wonder why they were not good enough, even with all that education. The longer these people remain unemployed, the more their self esteem suffers. They will place more and more blame on themselves, and believe it is their own fault that no one wants to employ them. Newman’s middle class is the air traffic controllers. These individuals usually do not have a college degree, but instead went to the army. After finishing up their time there, these people find that they have the skills to perform this specific job. This gives them a bit of specialization.
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Falling From Grace Essay - Michael Chelala Peoples and...

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