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Cryoscopic Determination of Molecular Weight

Cryoscopic Determination of Molecular Weight - Be sure to...

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Michael Chelala General Chemistry Lab Friday 8:00 A.M. Annie He Cryoscopic Determination of Molecular Weight Introduction In this experiment, we will prepare a solution of an unknown material in the solvent Naphthalene very carefully by weight, and will then measure the change in freezing point of this solution compared to the freezing point of pure Naphthalene. From the change in freezing point, and from the constant, K f , for the Naphthalene solvent, we will be able to calculate the actual molality of your solution. By knowing the makeup of the solution by weight, we will be able to calculate the molecular weight of the unknown material. Chemical Responsibility As always, goggles need to be worn at all times during the lab.
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Unformatted text preview: Be sure to dispose of all solutions in the proper containers. Poor the unknown with the Naphthalene in the waste container at the end of the lab and bring your test tube to the stock room to be replaced. Report Sheet Attached Sample Calculations Attached Discussion of Results After completing this experiment, I have determined the Post-Lab Questions Attached Conclusion After assessing the data, it is clear that the general rule “like dissolves like” seems to hold true. Solutes and solvents with similar molecular forces seem to dissolve to form solutions. Using this knowledge of molecular forces, it is possible to assume which solute-solvent combinations would mix without actually doing the experiment....
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