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Globalization and Boarders

Globalization and Boarders - Michael Chelala Globalization...

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Michael Chelala Globalization and Boarders Globalization and International Affairs Professor Liubomir Topaloff May 20, 2007 In the shrinking world of today, globalization is slowly but surely becoming the new world order. Never before has the concept of the nation-state been so threatened by any force. The concept of boarders is becoming more ambiguous daily, and governments are fighting for control over their subjects during this time of liberation and anarchy. This anarchy has been caused by economic, cultural, and political globalization. The main players in economic globalization are large corporations which influence spans across many different countries. These corporations benefit from the cheaper work force and raw materials that are available around the world. This increase in cheap resources in turn creates an increase in profit. Stanley Hoffmann argues that economic globalization is harming smaller nations when he states “This present form of capitalism, ironically foreseen by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, poses a central dilemma between efficiency and fairness. The
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