Volumetric Analysis�Acid-Base Titrations

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Nhi Vu General Chemistry Agnes Rafoulko Volumetric Analysis—Acid-Base Titrations Introduction: In this lab, we are to determine the exact concentration of the NaOH solution, the concentration of the acetic acid unknown solution in terms of its molarity and report the amount of acetic acid present in the unknown solution as the percent acetic acid in the solution by weight. Chemical Responsibility: The chemicals in this experiment are toxic, corrosive, will burn the skin and can cause skin burns. Accordingly, we must wear our safety goggles and gloves and remember to dispose the chemicals appropriately. Report Sheet: Materials : HCl NaOH acetic acid phenolphthalein Procedures : 1. Run around 20 of the HCl standard solution from the buret into a clean 250 mL flask, and add 2 or 3 drops of the phenolphthalein indicator solution. Titrate the HCl solution by adding NaOH solution from the other buret until the solution turns just pink. 2.
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