Lecture 6 Sept 6

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Unformatted text preview: uracy and surface finish http://www.sfsa.org/tutorials/index.html -  Labor intensive Department of Materials Science and Engineering 3 NC State University Casting Alloys: History -  3200 BC – Copper Frog, cast in Mesopotamia -  233 BC – Cast iron plowshares poured in China -  1455 AD – Dillenburg Castle in Germany; first to use iron pipe to transport water -  1750 Benjamin Huntsmen invents cast crucible steel in England -  1896 America Foundry Society formed -  1996 – Cast metal matrix composites used in brake rotors for Lotus Elite Department of Materials Science and Engineering 4 NC State University Typical Sand Casting Operation Department of Materials Science and Engineering 5 NC State University Casting and Mold Terminology Six Basic Steps to Sand Casting 1.  Patt...
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