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JOURNAL DIARY of MD Omar Shah ID- 940601-T677 Prepared For: Associate Professor Nishant Kumar Director of Master’s in Marketing Program Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. MARKETING THEORY AUTUMN SEMESTER 2019
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Article: 01 A History of School of Marketing Thought. Eric H. Shaw & D.G. Brian Jones Individual schools of marketing thought. Hollander (1980) on the institutional school Hunt and Goolsby (1988) on functions Murphy and Enis (1986) and Zinn and Johnson (1990) on the commodity school Savitt (1981) on interregional trade Sheth and Gross (1988) on the consumer behavior school Webster (1992) on marketing management Wilkie and Moore (2002, 2003) on twin areas of macromarketing: marketing and society, and marketing and public policy. Sub-areas of schools of marketing thought: Fisk et al. (1993) on Services Marketing Berry (1995) on Relationship Marketing Review articles tend to substantiate on schools of thought or their respective sub areas, but do not reflect the connectivity between different schools of thought and such, although Sheth et al. (1988) conveys what is regarded as an encompassing work on the progression of these schools on a theoretical basis. The key points of discussion as far as this article is concerned is to outline new developments in the evolution of these schools, the ensuing effect of these schools in the form of emergence of new schools in the mid twentieth century and the expansion of said effect in the subsequent years in the 1970s. Also, the article further builds on how this has continued into the 21 st century in the form of these schools of thought being connected to one another as well as discussing the conceptual dilemmas
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