STUDY GUIDE FOR SECOND QUIZ 240 - Parliamentary systems 1...

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Parliamentary systems 1. Advantages and disadvantages of parliamentary system versus presidential system and the differences between the two Presidentialism Parliamentary A system of mutual independence A system of mutual dependence President has a set electoral mandate Executive has to be supported by legislative majority or his cabinet falls with a vote of no confidence Legislature with fixed electoral mandate. Legislature can be dissolved by the executive power (in conjunction with the head of state). New elections follow. ranch had its own separate source of legitimacy. Presidentialism Parliamentary Advantages Disadvantages 1. Rigidity of fixed terms of office 2. Potential for deadlock in a divided government. 3. Duel legitimacy of legislature and executive 4. One person may not be able to represent a divided society as well as a whole cabinet How a parliamentary system works How someone gets to be prime minister? - They are elected by the winning coalition, or they are the leader of the winning party. How and when a cabinet government is formed - The prime minister chooses his cabinet (if a coalition, then the cabinet is given to representatives for all of the parties) and it must be approved by the coalition/party. What a coalition government is and why it may be necessary?
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- A coalition government is a government that is made up of a different number of parties that have an agreement to work together. It may be necessary if one party does not win the majority of the elections. What a minority government is and how it can last
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STUDY GUIDE FOR SECOND QUIZ 240 - Parliamentary systems 1...

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