Lecture Notes for AFAM

Lecture Notes for AFAM - Lecture Notes for AFAM 11/1/07...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Notes for AFAM 11/1/07 Abolitionist movement Draw a contrast to before South 1832 and After:- 1830s: abolitionist movement changed from this point on o pre 1830s definition of abolitionist- Referred to one who wanted to abolish slavery o Post 1832 definition of abolitionist: who doesnt want to abolish slavery or fight master without having to compensate with the master they lectured/put down slave masters May convince the neutral minded people to go against slavery Masters were more set in their ways due to people putting them down After 1832: whites said that slavery is a blessing from God; slavery is a benefit for both races It should last forever. 1831: William Loyd Garrison (white man)- His efforts would have been impossible without the help of Black - African Americans protected the press (The Liberator) and protected his body and subscribed to the liberator Grimke Sisters of South Carolina (white women: daughters of slave masters)- They went North to talk about what they saw as abolitionist- Didnt go South; was not safe for them- Frederick was beaten in Indiana (North) North was not that safe too Abraham Lincoln (white man)- He was not an abolitionist, but he was anti-slavery- Anti-slavery: people who continued to view of 1830 after 1832, then those are called anti-slavery- 1837: Illinois (North) Legislation condemns abolitionist w/ only 6 votes oppose (2 made it a big deal: Lincoln and Dan) Lectures for 11/6/07 Westward expansion in the 1840s- 1844 election: James Polk take land from Mexico, absorb Texas and Oregon (Before Oregon used to cover, Washington, small portion of Idaho and Montana, Most of current British Columbia)- The Wig nominee has concern: Henry Clay- Henry Clay was opposed to adding the state of Texas- They (Wigg) was against expanding a slave state- Liberty party nominee : James Birney supports abolishing slavery used to be a slave holder was convinced by the abolitionist- Enough people vote for Democrat (James Polk) in New York and he end up becoming the president- Polk was willing to compromise over Oregon but not over Texas because Polk didnt want to add too much free territory- Polk said 54, 45 or 5 over Oregon Alaska would connect- Texans said the boundary is the Real Grand; Mexicans said that the boundary is Nueces River- Polk put troops in Real Grand and Mexicans werent very happy and in the disputed territory, the Mexicans started the shooting- Polk said American blood has been shed on American Soil this is a - Polk declares the country goes to a War- US goes to War with Mexico on their land and wins the war- The US under Polk took Polks view and says that Mexico should be punished....
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Lecture Notes for AFAM - Lecture Notes for AFAM 11/1/07...

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