FinalReview - The African Background Age is respected West...

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The African Background Age is respected West African village doing everything regularly, suddenly the village is invaded by people carrying rifles killing woman and elders and they want to capture young that won’t die soon and are strong. You are marching away and the way home becomes less clear. People around you are getting sick. More people are hunted which speak different languages that you don’t recognize. You’re taken to barracoons in Elmina, Portuguese castle to hold people that have been enslaved. You are branded and thrown into a dungeon. No much light enters in that dungeon, on nightfall you cant see the rats and the bats. You cant communicate with anyone. The owners don’t want you to speak so you wont conspire to escape. You are pushed into canoes toward a ship. Your first thought suicide so your spirit goes back to your village. The owners have net to avoid suicide. They separate the males from the females. They put you in tight packing where you cant move or even sit. You have to do your necessities there, so wastes are everywhere. They kill people with smallpox. No fresh air gets in. You get 1 hour deck to exercise. Some captains are men and others are women. You are from 3 weeks to 3 months in that ship. You are arriving at the US. There is a man like the slaves and speaks several languages. He tells you that they won’t kill you, they just want you to work for them. He tells you, “Don’t look mean and work faithfully so you can last longer.” You are unloaded in a place called Charleston (biggest entry port for slave people). Somewhere else there is a scramble method but in the U.S. there is an auction system. You end up in a large plantation and this will be your fate and your children’s. 1/3 will not make it to the U.S. 5-6% ever went to the U.S. , others went to Brazil and Caribbean. 11 million documented Natural increase: By 1830 30% in the U.S. because in the U.S they were more likely to have family life. This was a large force migration, but there have been larger ones. 1492-1502: First enslaved blacks. Biological Exchange: diseases are exchanged from different sides of the world. There is evidence of blacks before Columbus in Oldmec, Mexico. They found large stone heads with black features. Whites did not want to do the work. They needed a labor force to do hard, dangerous profitable work. There are wars in Africa, masters want to be more wars in Africa to take more POWs for use as slaves. Europeans sold guns for slaves. That way the villages need guns and the Europeans get slaves.
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Africans bring knowledge and skills . Women grew rice which new techniques. Sweet Potatoes and Corn= Western hemisphere Wheat = Old World Balboa : The guy who discovered the Pacific Ocean from the western shore. Hernan Cortes: discovered Mexico with indigenous people and blacks.
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FinalReview - The African Background Age is respected West...

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