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outline2 - F Add buffer water and DPIP to cuvettes G Add 3...

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Ian Lay 713723018 Biology 101L- Sec 413 I. Procedure A. Prepare a suspension of chloroplasts from spinach or ivy leaves and use the spectrophotometer. Record data on the chart. B. Check your work area to make sure you have all the materials. 1. Test tube rack 2. Goose-neck light 3. Aluminum foil 4. 4 spectrophotometer tubes 5. Ice 6. 1ml transfer pipettes 7. K imwipes 8. Distilled water 9. 0.1 M phosphate buffer 10. Parafilm 11. Large Erlenmeyer flask C. Number your cuvettes 1 through 4, handle cuvettes from the top and be sure to clean them with Kimwipes. D. Make a foil cover cap for the dark tube. E. Obtain suspension of boiled and unboiled chloroplasts and store them on ice.
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Unformatted text preview: F. Add buffer, water, and DPIP to cuvettes. G. Add 3 drops of chloroplasts (boiled and unboiled) to the appropriate tubes, after this use Parafilm over the tops of the tubes and mix the contents. H. Wipe the tubes clean. I. Place calibration tube into the sample holder, align it, close the lid and adjust the spectrophotometer until it reads 100% transmittance. J. Repeat with the 3 other cuvettes. K. Read the cuvettes by placing them into the sample holder. L. Record results and read the cuvettes after three more 5 minute intervals. M. Draw a data chart....
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