notes3 - Muscle neurons – carry information to brain...

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Descriptive statistics describes the characteristics of the sample. Measure Central Tendency : mean, mode (most common score in a distribution or a sample), median (score the splits the sample in half) How is the nervous system divided? Nerves are bundle of fibres that carry information throughout the system. Neuron is a nerve cell that carries information in the form of an electrochemical compulse. Glial cell tend to support, protect and repair neurons. Different part if the neurons Cell body contains the nucleus which contains the DNA of the neuron. Helps maintain the chemical balance of the cell. Axon- transfers neural messages away from the cell body to other neurons. Myelin sheath – makes the information or electrochemical impulse faster. Sensory neurons – information through senses
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Unformatted text preview: Muscle neurons – carry information to brain through muscle and glands At rest = polarized Neurotransmitters ACH – memory formation Endorphins – resemble opiates Neurotransmitters agonists – chemical the mimics the action Antoginist – block neurotransmitters Example curare Medulla – part of the brain for basic functions Fine motor control and balance – cerebellum Eating, seaxual aggressions – thalamus Hypothalamus – pleasure Amygdala – resposnsible for emation and emotional perception Same solution over and over again – perseveration Apraxia – you don’t know how to dress yourself Occipital lobe – tries to make sense of what you are seeing Aphasia – lost of language, difficulty in expressing speech Corpus collosum – connects two sides of brain...
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notes3 - Muscle neurons – carry information to brain...

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