crashnotes - "Crash" notes -take note of opening...

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"Crash" notes -take note of opening quote "crash into each other just so we can feel something" -mexicans dont know how to drive -asian woman -"blake lights" racism against asians -opening scene=last scene -situation in gun store -speaking persian -yo osama plan gihad on own time -daughter buys blanks to protect father -blacks waiting for coffee and spaghetti -black waitress -blacks dont tip sandra bullock grasps tighter to husband and walks other direction in sight of blacks black on entire street of white people "arents scared because they have guns" hijacking of car hispanic changing door lock -suspicious wife makes a scene and locks get changed again gang member -when really just a family man no "jeans around ass" husband makes point of losing black "why did they have to be black" pin metal on black man (not a black man, iraqi) name is sadaam asians making deal in diner officer getting angry with shaniqua. .."big surprise" asian crosses as cop is leaving diner portrays white men as pigs white woman blowing a black man, drover cracker ass crazy
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crashnotes - "Crash" notes -take note of opening...

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