BME420 article5 - items read out loud in English and...

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Christina Campsen Article #5 Pilot Program Could Help English-Learners This article explains how they are trying to change the way that ELL students are tested in school. I am not too sure if I necessarily agree with not allowing students to have any form of their native language while testing if they do not understand any English at all. I think that it is different if they are familiar with the language structure in their native language. I also think that it may not be fair for some students to get support if they are not literate in English and for those who may be a little more advanced. The article says that there are some types of accommodations that may be allowed during testing. Some of those accommodations are having a bilingual word list, administrating the test in small groups, having the test directions read or test
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Unformatted text preview: items read out loud in English and allowing extra time so that the students can process the questions more thoroughly. This is a very difficult issue to really decide upon due to the many factors that are in the problem itself. We need to make our students literate in English however, how do we really know if they are grasping English properly if we are giving them too much help. It is also very frustrating for the student to not even understand what is being asked of them. I see it as a lose/ lose maybe win situation. Hopefully, everyone can find a way to better test all of our children with the proper accommodations for each child. That is a lot to ask for but I feel certain that one day we will see that common ground and make a solution for everything....
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BME420 article5 - items read out loud in English and...

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