4 in recent times the concept has been further

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Unformatted text preview: on the certificate held at the Land Titles Office. • Plan of the land. Every Certificate of Title contains a plan of the land specified. Strata Title Strata Title came about as an extension of Torrens Title. Where Torrens Title was concerned with land subdivided across the surface of the land, Strata Title was concerned with the horizontal subdivision of land and/or airspace into strata or layers (see relevant legislation in Table 33.4). In recent times the concept has been further extended to ‘townhouses’ and ‘villas’, as well as community and neighbourhood schemes. A strata (building unit) plan can be registered only in respect to Torrens Title land. If a developer wanted to erect a high rise on general law (old system) title land, it would be necessary to convert to Torrens Title prior to strata subdivision. Such a conversion would usually be done by primary application (discussed above), since time is important and delays cost money. TABLE Strata Title legislation STATE STATUTE Australian Capital Territory Land Titles (Unit Titles) Act 1970 Strata Schemes Manag...
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