A security interest is an interest in personal

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Unformatted text preview: al Property Securities that enables secured parties to give notice of actual or prospective security interests. A security interest is an interest in personal property provided for by a transaction that secures payment or the performance of an obligation (s 12). What is real property? Historically, land has held a very important position in law because it is a great store of wealth, and therefore power. Consequently, if a person was wrongfully deprived of possession of their land they could, as a PROPERTY AND MORTGAGES Papathanasopoulos v Vacopoulos [2007] NSWSC 502 853 CHAPTER 33 In contrast, a chose in action is an intangible item of property. Since it is intangible, the owner cannot maintain their rights by possession; they can only enforce their rights by action in the courts. A trade mark is an example of a chose in action. A company might have a registered trade mark that it uses in conjunction with its business, and another person might use the same trade mark in association with their business. The company could only enforce its exclusive right to use the trade mark by...
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