Business organisations and the law part 6 862 common

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Unformatted text preview: t will be able to: • access the right to negotiate; • oppose non-claimant applications over the same area; • confirm pastoral lease access rights where those rights existed at the date of the Wik decision (ie, 23 December 1996); and • gain the benefit of certain procedural rights such as the right to enter into a registered Indigenous Land Use Agreement. BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS AND THE LAW PART 6 862 Common law title ✘ The common law system establishes an individual’s title to land by a series of deeds. When the Crown first granted a parcel of land to an individual, the person would have been given a document called a Deed of Crown Grant. This Crown Grant would have described the land in a manner that would enable it to be identified. It also specified any special conditions under which the grant was made, together with any restrictions. For instance, the land may have been granted to a particular individual or organisation for a particular purpose and at the same time the Crown may have retained the rights to any minerals in the ground. When a person sold or mortgaged the property, they wo...
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