However more specifically the advantages of holding

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Unformatted text preview: AW PART 6 868 Three obvious reasons for using Torrens are: • it is simpler and cheaper in regard to legal fees; • it gives certainty of title; and • if a building is going to be strata divided, it must be erected on Torrens Title. Advantages of the Torrens system The main advantage of the Torrens system is that it allows the parties to quickly and easily establish proof of title, which was the basic aim of the system. However, more specifically, the advantages of holding land under the Torrens system are the opposite of the disadvantages of the general law system. They are: • Certainty of title. The registered owner is the true owner. There is no need to examine every document, as the certificate is the paramount document. • Cost. The Torrens system is simpler and therefore less costly. • Simplicity. It is a simple matter for anyone to obtain a copy of the title from the state Land Titles Office for examination. • Certification. The state guarantees the title of the person named...
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