Is the area for which the application is being made

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Unformatted text preview: feels that the determination is not in the ‘state’s interest’, the state Mining Minister can override it. 861 • Is the Registrar satisfied that at least one member of the native title claim group currently has or previously had a traditional physical connection with the land or waters covered by the application (s 190B(7))? • Is the area for which the application is being made subject to a previously approved native title determination, or a previous exclusive or non-exclusive possession act that because of s 61A should not have been made (s 190B(8))? • Has there been an extinguishment of claimed native title by the Crown, a state or territory where ownership relates to minerals, petroleum or gas, to waters in an offshore place or otherwise extinguished (s 190B(9)(a)–(c))? • Is the Registrar satisfied that the application contains all the details and information required by ss 61 and 62 (s 190C(2))? • Does the current claim overlap with any previous claims in whole or in part that have already passed the registration test (s 190C(3))? • Has the application been certified by the relevant representative body or bodies, or is the applicant a member of the native title claim group and authorised to make the application (s 190C(4))? Once the conditions of the registration test have been satisfied, a claiman...
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