Notice to quit a notice to quit may be given to the

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Unformatted text preview: 919 (NSW) provide that a right of re-entry stipulated in a lease cannot be enforced unless and until the lessor serves the lessee a notice: • specifying the particular breach complained of; • if the breach is capable of remedy, requiring the lessee to remedy the breach; and • in any case, requiring the lessee to make monetary compensation for the breach. If the lessee fails within 14 days, or a period specified in the lease, to remedy the breach and make adequate compensation, the lessor may re-enter, forfeiting the lease. The effect of forfeiture is to deprive the lessee of any rights under the lease. Notice to quit A notice to quit may be given to the tenant by the landlord or lessor personally. A notice given by the lessee to the landlord or lessor is called a notice of intention to quit. It may also be served by the agent of either party, provided that the necessary authority exists. In a situation where the lessor is a company that wishes to give notice to quit to a lessee, it...
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