Property and mortgages a boy working for a chimney

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Unformatted text preview: by the current owner of the land. PROPERTY AND MORTGAGES A boy working for a chimney sweeper found a jewel in a flue that he was cleaning. He gave it to a goldsmith for valuation and when he returned he was given an imitation of the original jewel. The goldsmith refused to return the jewel on the grounds that the boy was not the true owner, but only a finder. As such, he had no property in the jewel or title to sue. CHAPTER 33 Armory v Delamirie (1722) 1 Strange 505 BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS AND THE LAW PART 6 852 Continued ISSUE: Is the owner of land entitled to possessory title to the money found in the house due to control over the house and land? DECISION: In the absence of evidence that any of the claimants knew of the box prior to the discovery, the current owner was entitled to ownership. C02 Distinguish between real property and personal property FIGURE 33.1 COMMENT: If the owner or occupier of land can demonstrate clear intention to exercise control over everything on or under the land, or in or on the building, possessory ownership of anything found on the land will belong to...
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