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Tenancy documents the legislation usually requires

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Unformatted text preview: odging and boarding arrangements; • farm letting; • a tenancy agreement arising from the sale of a house or flat between the buyer and seller; • where the premises are situated in a hotel, motel, hostel, nursing home, convalescent home, rehabilitation home, home for the aged, educational institution or hospital; • holiday homes; and • prescribed tenancy agreements and prescribed premises. So long as the purpose of the letting arrangement is to let the property for residential use, the residential tenancies legislation will apply. This will be the case even though the premises may be used partly for business purposes. Tenancy documents The legislation usually requires the following documents to be given to a tenant at the start of the agreement: • receipts—these must be provided for all monies paid; • copy of the agreement/lease—the regulations to the legislation may prescribe a standard form tenancy agreement or specify certain covenants that must be included; • condition report—the landlord may be required to provide the tenant wi...
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