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The folio will be created as a qualified folio as

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Unformatted text preview: on—the Land Titles Office will often issue a qualified title automatically; or • if the Land Titles Office receives appropriate information relating to the land together with an adequate description of the boundaries. Limited title This method is applied to old system land, the boundaries of which are insufficiently defined to satisfy the creation of an ordinary or qualified folio in the register. The folio will be created as a qualified folio (as described above) but with a limitation recorded indicating that the description of the land has not been investigated and verified. Caveats Under the Torrens system, a person who claims to have an interest can protect themselves by lodging a caveat on the title. The caveat is recorded on the title and acts as an injunction preventing the Registrar General from registering any dealing that is in conflict with the caveat. Because it is recorded on the register, a side effect of the caveat is that it gives notice of the interest to anyone who may be contemplating dealing with the registered proprietor. PROPERTY AND MORTGAGES Bringing land under Torrens Title 867 CHAPTER 33 Rights in personam In Fraser v Walker [1...
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