The states and territories passed complementary

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Unformatted text preview: sed the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). It gave legislative support to the concept of native title, although it didn’t define it, and attempted to clarify the uncertainty as to its extent and the rights it created. The states and territories passed complementary native title legislation (see Table 33.1). 859 S TATE STATUTE Australian Capital Territory Native Title Act 1994 New South Wales Native Title (New South Wales) Act 1994 Northern Territory Validation of Titles and Actions Act 1994 Queensland Native Title (Queensland) Act 1993 South Australia Native Title (South Australia) Act 1994 Tasmania Native Title (Tasmania) Act 1994 Victoria Land Titles Validation Act 1994 Western Australia Titles Validation Act 1995 While the High Court ruled that state parliaments had the power to extinguish title—for example, by grants of freehold or leasehold title—questions about the status of native title on pastoral leases remained. Pastoral leases apply to Crown (or government) land and are let to people for specific purposes, such as farming and mining for specific periods o...
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