Therefore these categories could be referred to as

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Unformatted text preview: ibles) ‘Chose’ is a French word meaning ‘thing’. Therefore, these categories could be referred to as ‘things in possession’ and ‘things in action’. A chose in possession is an item that a person has in their possession—for example, an expensive watch. If someone else came up to them and said, ‘That is my watch. Give it to me’, the person in possession of the watch would no doubt refuse. They wouldn’t commence a legal action to prove they owned it; they would merely maintain their possession. They are maintaining their rights by maintaining possession. At their engagement party, V and P exchanged rings. The engagement ring that V gave his fiancée cost $15 250. Relations between V and P subsequently deteriorated and at the home of P’s parents, and in the presence of members of her family, P said: ‘The wedding is off. Here, take the ring. I don’t want it’. P then removed the engagement ring and put it on the coffee table in front of where V was sitting. V said: ‘Ta...
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