They are usually open to far greater freedom of

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Unformatted text preview: minimum tenancy periods may apply (though not in Queensland), and any renewal clause must set out the general conditions applicable to the exercise of any option for renewal; • the landlord must inform the tenant, at least three months before the lease expires, as to whether the lease will be renewed, and the terms for renewal; and • disputes between the parties, except in the case of rent, are to be settled by way of arbitration. Commercial tenancies in those states that do not have retail tenancies legislation, or where the particular commercial tenancy is outside the scope of the retail tenancies legislation, are regulated by the clauses of the lease agreement, the common law and sometimes legislation that may imply conditions into a lease. They are usually open to far greater freedom of agreement. They can be distinguished from residential tenancies by the following features: • Rates, taxes and other outgoings are normally paid by the tenant. • There is an option to renew at the tenant’s discretion when the lease expires. • They us...
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